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Legendary Dragons Modifications

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Players facing one of the Legendary Dragons at any level are going to find it to be a challenge. And running a Legendary Dragons encounter that has the potential for combat is also a challenge for the GM. This free guide will provide different methods for a GM to throw a Legendary Dragon at a party of any level.

Pitting a dragon against a group of heroes is one of the most legendary encounters that players could ask for… and a GM could run. But not all adventurers are ready or capable for meeting such a powerful beast. And when it comes to a Legendary Dragon, the danger is even greater. What GMs need is a method for allowing players a chance to meet and survive these creatures. JetPack7 is releasing a PDF that will assist GMs with modifying dragons (including Legendary Dragons) to make them more engaging with lower level heroes without taking away the danger. Learn how to properly adjust your encounters and give players a memorable nights of adventure that they’ll be talking about for years.

The PDF is 9 pages.


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