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Even the Playing Field: Monster Tactics

Challenging a party in Fifth Edition can be one of the more difficult tasks a Dungeon Master can face. Unfortunately, little official guidance is given beyond how to choose roughly appropriate monsters for a particular encounter. As DMs, however, we do have tools at our...

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Alignment Problems

As the heroic band of adventurers prepares to confront the kingdom’s apathetic ruler and attempt to persuade him to take action, a lone figure stalks the shadows at the periphery of the throne room. The players prepare their serious, passionate, and thoughtful plea....

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Playing With Class

There are many facets to the game of Dungeons and Dragons. It is a unique gaming experience where the players of the game choose a race and class from the Player’s Handbook when creating their characters, which is a core mechanic to how the game feels and operates...

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Notable NPCs

Our world is filled with different and memorable individuals; the multiverse of dungeons and dragons is no different. There are many worlds, continents, cities, towns, and villages. Living in and on each of these are the people who make up the world and make the world...

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Leveling Up as a TTRPG Player

There is a lot of advice out there for Dungeon Masters, but much less advice aimed at helping players improve - even though players are one of the most critical resources for every game. Punctuality, common courtesy, and participation are assumed basics, but what else...

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Pushing the DM Override Button

Is it ever okay for a DM to ignore a rule or a roll in favor of the story? Ask a DM, and the answer will probably be yes. Ask a player… and you might be get some resistance. The Dilemma A few months back, my six players were deep into a grueling bit of combat that...

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At the Table – Discovering Your Villain

Whatever world your campaign is set in, there is always a villain that needs defeating. It could be an evil mage in his nefarious tower, an undead king who has returned from a long slumber to devour freshly buried corpses from the local graveyard, or a small pixie...

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At the Table: Defining Your Character

Hello again! Welcome to At the Table, where we discuss topics revolving around the greatest roleplaying game in the world! Today, I figured we would discuss one of the more important and, and key components to playing Dungeons and Dragons: Your Character! There are...

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At the Table: Discussing Illusions

Dungeons and Dragons is a game of imagination and shared experiences. In this wonderful world of collective creation, the players must suspend their beliefs to take part in shaping a world of magic and fantasy. Creation through Imagination There is a vast assortment...

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Embracing Passive Skills

  Passive skills get only a cursory explanation in the core rules, even though passive perception has a place on the official character sheet. They’re vital to detecting hidden creatures, but not explored in great depth. Some Dungeon Masters avoid passive skills,...

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Building Challenging Encounters

Building encounters using CR has, for many, resulted in a disappointing unpredictability that makes what should be the standard method feel unusable. The CR system isn’t able to account for the effects of terrain, the synergy of abilities between various types of...

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