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Masters and Minions Tactics Preview!

The following is an excerpt from Masters and Minions detailing the tactics of a Jackalwere. Jackalwere Minions of Lamias, a Master Frequency: 2-5 Setting: Woodlands, edges of forests, road sides Senses: passive Perception 12 Size: Medium Speed: Quick at 40 ft....

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Building Depth in Games: Contagonists

Without conflict, there is no story. And it is the antagonist in every great story that provides and drives conflict. As game masters, sometimes we struggle with making stories interesting for our players. After all it is one of our functions to be a storyteller....

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Narrating Hit Points

As a Game Master, how you choose to narrate attacks and damage in combat is a key factor in establishing your game’s tone. There are no wrong choices, but knowing how your descriptions impact the perception of your players lets you consistently apply the same method...

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An Origin Story

Dungeons & Dragons. It all started for me when I was in 6th grade. A friend of mine slid a yellow piece of paper (one of the original character sheets from 1st edition) in front of me and asked me to draw an elf fighter in this square dedicated to a portrait. It...

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