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About Jetpack7

Jetpack 7 is an entertainment company focusing on tabletop games and graphic novels. Conceptopolis, LLC is the parent company of Jetpack 7; an award winning art studio which provides illustration services to numerous well known companies such as Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Square Enix, Mattel, Sony, DC, Marvel and many more. Jetpack 7 is a division of Conceptopolis, creating original IP and entertainment products for the table top game and comic book industries. Jetpack 7’s first role-playing game product (RPG) was Gods and Goddesses. It successfully crowd funded and was delivered in 2017. It was followed up in early 2018 with another successful crowd funded RPG product called Masters and Minions. Jetpack 7 will leverage it’s experience in the industry by creating exciting entertainment products for years to come. Jetpack 7…adventure starts here!

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Press Inquiries

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