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Legendary Dragons



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Legendary Dragons will ship in July-August of 2019.

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Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in
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Mega Limited Edition, Beta + PDF Only, Book – without PDF, Book + Beta, Book + PDF, Book + PDF + Beta, PDF Only

Red dragons, black dragons, green dragons, gold dragons. They are great, but we’ve seen them all before!  Players know what to expect from dragons. In Legendary Dragons, we explore these questions: What makes a dragon unique among all others of its kin? What is its history, what are its motivations, and most importantly, what makes it legendary? Legendary Dragons answers all this and much, much more!

Bring back the mystery to Dragons and to make an “ordinary” Dragon encounter… extraordinary! Legendary Dragons features NEW content for your 5th Edition game. You’ll not only have brand new Legendary Dragons and their lore to throw at your players, but some new monsters, too.


  • New Dragons
  • New Drakes
  • New Hydras
  • New Kobolds
  • New Dragon Races
  • New Lairs
  • Dragon Cults
  • Dragon Riders
  • Dragon Hunters
  • Dragon Hunting Factions
  • Dragon Hunting & Monster Hunting Economies
  • New spell components you can only get by hunting Dragons
  • Enhance existing spells with your new Dragon spell components
  • Aerial Combat Options

Product Videos

We also teamed up with some of the best 5E writers in the biz!

James J. Haeck: Lead Writer, at D&D Beyond. Co-author Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and the Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting. DM of @WorldsApartShow

Dan Dillon: Writer, Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex from Kobold Press, Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League, Rogue Genius Games, Legendary Games, Rite Publishing.

Cody Lewis:YouTube creator. D&D Twitch Streamer. Dungeon Master. Mad mind behind Save or Dice.

Jim Pinto: Writer: Legend of the Five Rings, Warlord, Protocol, Praxis, The Carcass, George’s Children, World’s Largest Dungeon,Gods and Goddesses, and Masters and Minions.


  1. Branden Mayers (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the book alot and cannot wait to receive my physical copy. I have already used some of the stuff in my homebrew campaign that revolves around dragons and my players are loving it.

  2. Colin Dunbar (verified owner)

    Overall, I really enjoy this book. The dragons are all well thought out and interesting with plenty of hooks or lore to help implement them in my campaign. My only issues come with the supplemental portions of the book, namely the Draken race and some inconsistencies in the dragon parts tables. The Draken race does seem a bit unbalanced, but I won’t repeat the comments already discussed by Scott Calnan (see other reviews). As for the parts tables, it seems some things weren’t looked at very closely. For example, pg 106 lists wyrmlings as weighing 20-40 lbs, while the dragon parts tables has a wyrmling heart along weighing in at a whopping 200. Similarly, a great wyrm can vary from a massive 1,250,000 lbs on the high end, to 160,000 on the low end. This means that you can have two great wyrms next to each other with one being 87% smaller than the other. So while i can definitely recommend this book for the dragons (which, lets be honest, is what we are all here for) the material section was definitely missing a good common sense review.

    • Sara Hubrich (verified owner)

      Hi Colin! We greatly appreciate this review. As with any big project with a small team, some things inevitably get missed. In correcting grammar, for instance, I personally neglected to check for continuity in the charts. This will be addressed in the next update to the PDF version, so be on the look out for a notification on that. Thanks again for the commentary, it means a lot and goes a long way in improving our content.

  3. Oliver Russell (verified owner)

    The book itself is really good and doesn’t lack anything that I feel needs to be there. My only problem is that I wish the pdf was printer friendly and didn’t kill my printer

  4. Scott Calnan (verified owner)

    A solid book with gorgeous art as always. Whether using the content wholecloth or just using it for inspiration, I wholeheartedly enjoy this book. My only knock against the book is the Draken race; I love it thematically, and still intend to use it, but it does need some tweaks; the attribute bonus between ancestries is rather wide and varied, with some, namely the gold dragon, being rather extreme, while the white dragon is the only ancestry that actually imposes a penalty. Also, while I absolutely love the mutation tables, many of the bonuses in table two actually refer to systems in older editions; Light being a spell to be cast at a limited time vs it being a cantrip, or the spell Cure Minor Wounds, which is no longer present due to the spell slot upcasting mechanic introduced in 5e. Most of these can actually be fixed easily with a little bit of work and understanding, but it should be noted for those not familiar with 5e and older editions of DnD/Pathfinder to translate it.

    • Sara Hubrich (verified owner)

      Hi Scott and thanks for your feedback!

      The Dräken racial attributes were based on the general power levels of each dragon type. It was mostly a narrative decision, so anyone can modify it if they feel it swings too far in one direction or another (more on this below). We feel it is comparable to the dragonborn from 5E which reads, “Your Strength score increases by 2, and your Charisma score increases by 1.” The only types of dragons that give a +2 to any Dräken stats are the Red and Gold dragon types, so it’s balanced (we feel) when comparing to dragonborn in 5E. We wanted to expand that and go beyond just STR and CHA scores and went into detail more based which kind of dragon influenced a region.

      Of course, when designing a Dräken, we suggest consulting with your GM to see what dragon has influenced the region. Clearly, a gold dragon will benefit a PC more as far as stats, so a more elegant solution may be to roll a d10 (giving a number to each dragon) if a GM wished to randomize the dragon influence more. However, just because a PC ends up with amazing stats does not mean they will have a distinct advantage, as the Dräken mutations may have some influence as well. This is something to keep in mind, as it can help to balance things out over time. Some Dräkens may have extraordinary gifts, while others may suffer from some negative mutations.

      Looking closer at the entry for the Dräken stat adjustments, the wording *should* read: “Ability Score Adjustment. Pick a dragon type. Your ability scores are adjusted based on the dragon mutation type below.” We’ll be sure to correct that for any future PDF releases or 2nd printings of the book.

      For the Level 2 Abilities, yes Cure Minor Wounds should be Cure Wounds. On the chart, it occurs 1/day on a roll of 69 or 3/day on a roll of 2. If the Cure Wounds ability seems too common, we might suggest changing the roll of 2 on the chart to Goodberry as a spell-like ability or Healing Word as a spell-like ability (for example).

      As for the Light spell-like ability, the wording may be considered redundant, so we can remove that in a future PDF or print release. But I would simply use it as a cantrip, like it is described in the spell description.

      We appreciate the feedback and are always looking to improve. Thanks again!

  5. crossborne423 (verified owner)

    I was going back and forth on whether or not to buy this, because I was already deep in my current campaign and had no plans for it to heavily feature dragons, but I ended up deciding to do so and I have no regrets. This book has helped me to fill out my homebrew campaign setting in some fantastic ways, and its given me some ideas for curveballs to throw at my party in coming sessions. Next time I start a new campaign, I think I’ll feature the content from here more centrally, but even now, I’m glad I decided to pull the trigger

  6. Halfblood (verified owner)

    It is a very awesome book worth getting for sure like alot of the ideas really nice art and the dragon rider class is really fun to have it back in 5e and if you love dragons as much as I do it’s worth the buy

  7. eestevanrodriguez (verified owner)

    ITS AN AWESOME READ, as soon as I got the pdf it wars hard to stop reading with all the interesting details on the dragons, each with their own lore and details that make them all feel unique, even with all the details they put into the book they totally leave enough room to add your own twists to each dragon. This book has enough content from what I read to last me years to come as both a Dungeon Master and a Player. I bought this book with the pdf book bundle, and got 2 extra copies for 2 of my close friends and DMs, and they are enjoying it as much as I am. The new class and race has a lot of potential for roleplay and mechanics, and I can easily see how I can add them to my homebrew campaigns. Plus the kobolds, gosh they will be a treat for my players. GIVE this book a try, this just expands my love for dragons even more.

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