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Masters, Minions and Tactics


Masters, Minions and Tactics is a 5E supplement that helps offset meta-gaming and is fun for new or experienced players.

  • Detailed NPCs, primarily focused on how the masters implement and use their minions.
  • New minions are unique. We love new monsters! Alternative minion types using traditional monsters are also suggested for Masters with a lot up their sleeves. *insert evil laughter here*
  • Strategy tips and tactics.
  • Bonus Warlock Subclass.
  • Estimated book size: 170+ pages (hardback)


  • Encounters covering levels 1-20.
  • Encounters are divided into levels 1-3, 4-7, 8-10, etc.
  • Lore and description for each Master and how they use their Minions.
  • Each Master has story hooks, tricks, puzzles, and strategies on how to use each one effectively. This can potentially save hours of prep time for a GM.


Masters, Minions and Tactics expands on our immensely popular Masters and Minions. We’re taking what made the 5e book so popular and turning it up to 11 with even more great content for overworked and out-of-time GMs.

As game masters, we love 5E, but sometimes we run out of time preparing for a game. If only there were a supplement that had what we needed that would let us drag and drop into any campaign, potentially saving hours of game prep time. If only there were some new and exciting content organized and designed for the XP level of players by GMs for GMs. Well, fellow GMs, now there is!


  • Any GM, new or experienced, who wishes to add new antagonists and strategies into their games.
  • A GM who is looking for rich and well-sorted content but does not have a lot of prep time to add to their game.
  • A GM who is looking to challenge their players in new ways.
  • A GM looking for recurring, memorable antagonists for their campaigns.


These are great tools for GMs! You’ll get 20 beautiful quick reference cards, one for each master! Use these cards to show your group the beautiful art of the Master without having to hold up the entire book and give away secrets. On the other side, you’ll find a condensed stat block so you’ll know everything that the Master can do on its turn in battle. Comes in a Printable PDF version and a pre-printed version on thick card stock with gloss. Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:


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GM Quick Stat Cards, GM Quick Stat Cards (printable PDF), Book – without PDF, Book + PDF, PDF Only


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