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Unbeknownst to the adventurers, a secret order called Virtue’s Fist plots to defeat the King of Hell himself: Asmodeus. Some might worry about upsetting the power balance of the universe. Some might worry there are greater evils that could fill the ensuing void. But Virtue’s Fist is single-minded in their hunt for justice.

An agent of the Fist, a paladin named Canti Loyola, sacrificed his soul making deals with devils until he learned the whispered secret of Asmodeus’ weakness, but before he could return with this information, his soul was captured by Fury, the Dragon Queen of Hell.

To extract Canti’s soul, Virtue’s Fist has acquired the means of a ritual to travel to Hell. Under the guise of a heartbroken, well-to-do benefactor, an agent sends the adventurers on a mission to “save the soul of a loved one”.

Answering a mysterious call for help, the adventures begin in a wealthy family’s manor, travel to Fury’s underground obsidian fortress, and attempt to rescue the soul of Canti and fight through Fury’s hellish armies. Can you survive the Fury of Hell herself?

This adventure is intended for a group of four to six characters of 17th to 20th level.

This mini-adventure is an expansion of Jetpack7’s wildly popular book, Legendary Dragons.


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