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Blackstorm Realms


Sword & sorcery meets epic space fantasy! A versatile campaign setting for 5e.

GET READY FOR ADVENTURE! An infinite number of worlds await your discovery out in the vast chasm of the Blackstorm. Realms of unbelievable power, immeasurable wealth, and enigmatic secrets are waiting for you to visit and explore. Realms are continually created and lost in the turbulent Blackstorm. Meanwhile, the gods and goddesses of multiple realms wage war with an ancient group of beings determined to bring all that exists to heel.

Customize your character with an array of fantastic pseudo-magical devices called Aparatum. Explore new realms and meet many intriguing races. Get to know something new with our character customization system as well as new playable classes and other great features. Face unimaginable perils in the Blackstorm and help save all the realms from a scourge that even the gods fear!

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FEATURES. Players and game masters, this book is for you. Blackstorm Realms is all about YOUR worlds. And, it’s about character customization options with our optional customization system called Aparatum. It is a playground without boundaries; you’ll have fresh lore to invigorate your campaigns and provide new places, and a system of character customization to keep your games and characters from being the same and stale.

Blackstorm Realms allows you to incorporate your own homebrew realms, well-known official realms, and third party realms into one seamless universe and provides you with the means to move back and forth between all of them. Are there suns and moons and stars in your realm? Then give your players an opportunity to discover what’s on them, not just what’s beyond the horizon, BUT also what is beyond the BEYOND!

In Blackstorm Realms, you are introduced to at least three new realms that exist in a galaxy known as Eau, The Celestial Tree.


  • At least three new realms/worlds for you to explore.
  • New customization options for your characters called Aparatum. Think of them as mechanisms that can enhance your character’s body and mind …but beware! There are risks and drawbacks that balance out the gifted power.
  • Complete mechanics for moving between realms, with a solid backstory and explanations that will satisfy fantasy players.
  • A galaxy-spanning conspiracy with good guys and villains to fight, join, bribe, betray, hide from, and maybe defeat.

CREATIVE TEAM: Aaron Hubrich, Alex LeFort, Daniel Gonzalez, James Floyd Kelly, Jimmy Neal Scott, JVC Parry, Mr. Tarrasque, Paul Gabat, Rhys Boatwright, Sara Hubrich, Ted Sikora


A 28-page standalone adventure that introduces your party to the realm of Epethia– and its sorted history. This time-traveling romp takes the group back to before the Great Rent of the Salien age, where adventurers solve puzzles and battle powerful creatures in order to get back to their own time.


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