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Masters and Minions Tactics Preview!

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Jackalwere from 5e Monster Manual. Art produced by Conceptopolis. Copyright 2018 by Wizards of the Coast.

The following is an excerpt from Masters and Minions detailing the tactics of a Jackalwere.


Minions of Lamias, a Master

Frequency: 2-5
Setting: Woodlands, edges of forests, road sides

Senses: passive Perception 12
Size: Medium
Speed: Quick at 40 ft.

Tactics: A Jackalwere is usually a servant of a Lamia and they derive great pleasure capturing humanoid victims for them. Their goal is to deceive PCs using their gaunt human form and eventually earn their trust. They have a high INT of 13, so they can be cunning and also be very aware of nearby elves, who would be immune to their Sleep Gaze.

PCs may be unaware of what their true form looks like (jackal), and the goal of the Jackalwere is to get close enough to use their Sleep Gaze, bind the victim and take it back to the Lamia.

They would rather use a “surprise and capture” strategy, and escape back to their master – preferably unharmed. They will be hesitant to fight and would prefer to use Deception and Stealth abilities instead.

If they are forced to fight, leverage their Pack Tactics. If reduced to under 10 HP, they will attempt to retreat using Disengage, then Dash. That may change, depending on the total number of Jackalwere, but they would be very aware of the numbers being in their favor, or not.

Tip: Pack Tactics is partcularly useful if one or two Jackalwere are able to befriend the PCs. Other jackals can even stay out of sight, or close by, but that may prove risky by giving them away, depending on how suspicious PCs are. Also, a single Jackalwere Sleep Gaze may be thwarted rather easily, but if more than one Jackalwere are able to use their Action, then a single PC will have to save 3 separate times. A Jackalwere will be emboldened when they know the numbers are in their favor.

Non-combat resolution: A Jackalwere wants to bring a victim back to it’s Lamia master. They are intelligent and speak Common. A parlay would not be out of the question if they could return to their master with what they need. Have no doubt though, Jackalwere and Lamia are chaotic evil and demonic abominations, and a reason why many PCs choose the heroic path of an adventurer.

About the book:

An all new 5e supplement featuring detailed NPCs and a focus on how to use their minions, with convenient, time-saving tips. One thing we’ve noticed as game masters is the challenge that most GMs face: prep time. With busy lives like ours in mind, we wanted to create a book that has NEW content to help with that!  The idea with Masters and Minions was to develop some Bosses and their followers, but with a focus on how they use their minions – and provide some tips and strategies that any GM can “drag and drop” into a new or existing game. This new content will span levels 1 – 20, so the book will continue to provide you with new content as your players level up!

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