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Aparatum — optional crafting rules for 5e


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Download this 24 page PDF to use in your game! Contains optional rules for character customization, and lore from our latest book, Blackstorm Realms. At purchase, if you’re not already a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll receive a coupon code for $10 off the preorder of Blackstorm Realms (when it becomes available). This crafting system is still in development, so we appreciate your feedback. Please use our contact form to let us know what you think!

Customize your character and your NPCs and bring the unexpected to your table! With this 5e compatible crafting system, you can “slot in” special traits for a completely custom character. Are you tired of your Fighter doing nothing but Fighter things? Instead of multiclassing, try using aparatum to give your PC an edge, or something unique that you’ll not find anywhere else!

Aparatum is not technology or magic items; it is a bonding of the physical with the spiritual. Once found only upon Epethia, it is now expanding into an infinite number of realms as traders and smugglers take the knowledge to other destinations with the hopes of selling the exotic materials and its secrets to others who wish to imbue themselves with aparatum’s unique potential.

Aparatum is an art created by the gods in a time beyond mortal memory; a combination of crafting, the utilization of elemental rare metals and gems, and powered by near-infinite divine spiritual power. When augmented as an extension of their very beings, divinus aparatum becomes an awe-inspiring sight to behold. An immense multiplicity of devices may be fashioned from this true arcane art, enhancing the mundane with devices of countless variations and unimaginable power.


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